Monday, January 6, 2014

Spring Internship Position Available

Internship Program – Spring '14

Core Strengths

Public relations representatives write, edit, make public appearances and speak on behalf of an agency. Interns will be expected to have strong written and oral communications, adhere to deadlines and be thorough. Good organizational skills a must.

Media Relations

Depending on the workload assigned to an intern, media interaction may be necessary but can be as simple as making phone calls for details on a community undertaking, sending invitations to events, securing press attendance or answering questions on in-house projects. Interns will be expected to contact media to request press kits and complete media lists.


Novices may be expected to attend events on behalf of the organization by accompanying a manager or marketing liaison.

Marketing & Social Media

Interns may help with pitching new concepts for media coverage angles. Public awareness is essential to brand development and is a key PR strategy. Bringing innovative social media ideas/tools is a plus.

Public Appearances

Looking the part by being presentable and well prepared is a requirement for apprentices looking to move ahead.

Administrative Tasks

Internships may require a level of routine administrative tasks, including organizing meetings, handling phone calls, e-mail communication, Internet research and even errand running.

Please note: This is not a paid internship, but is rewarding in so many other ways. Students that apply may want to receive course credit or fulfill their major requirement in exchange for their time. This is a wonderful learning experience!

Samantha Navarra