Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting to know Lauren

Hi, I'm Lauren Fincher and one of the newest additions to Uptown PR's Summer Internship Program 2012. I am an outgoing college student, who loves to be active! I’m passionate about my friends, family, and all things fabulous. After moving to New Orleans, I instantly fell in love with Crescent City culture!

L is for LAGNIAPPE. It is a traditional term from the rich Creole dialect mixture of New Orleans; it means "a little something extra,” which is exactly what you get from New Orleans – an experience unlike any other.

A is for ACTION.  There’s no doubt that New Orleans is an action-packed city. I’ve created so many great memories during festivals and parades.

U is for UNEXPECTED. While living in the Big Easy, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected! You’ll always run into something a little crazy.

R is for RELAXATION. The Big Easy isn’t a nickname for New Orleans for nothing! I’ve adapted the relaxed and easy-going attitude of all New Orleanians.

E is for EVERLASTING.  The culture and traditions of New Orleans are so rich. From the music to the language, every element of New Orleans is deep-rooted, making them hard to forget.

N is for NIGHTLIFE. There is never a dull night in New Orleans! Whether you are on Bourbon or Frenchman, there’s always a party! When my friends visit me, they are always so surprised that some bars don’t close until 5 am!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Leaving (and tracking) your virtual footprint…

Small businesses, large corporations, bloggers, and individuals…we’re all striving for the same thing: to become an online influence.  As we've seen in viral movements such as in the recent Kony 2012 campaign, which became a global phenomenon in less than a week via social media and various other online outlets, the Internet has the power to affect immediate and boundless change. 

Arguably as important as becoming an online influence in the first place is the ability to track such virtual impact.  Luckily, with websites such as Klout, you can easily measure and even leverage your online impact.  As the Klout website reminds us, you don’t have you be Oprah to have an influence these days.  In today’s age, virtually anyone (no pun intended) has the power and tools to affect change and drive action via their online domains. 

Using data from your various social networks, Klout analyzes your online influence and overall online presence, giving you your very own ‘Klout Score’. Beyond merely measuring your content output, Klout can actually evaluate the engagement you create.  The site provides you with information regarding your most influential content, most trusted opinions, and even how you compare to your friends. 

Understanding your own influence is key in being able to improve it.  Think you’re pretty influential? Only one way to find out…

By Casey Roberts, Client Service Associate